Business Highlight of the Week – Region Gaming Esports Center – 

Today we’d like to welcome a new business in the area that is really unique! Region Gaming Esports Center which was started by Mike Paprstein, a Munster resident. He was the coach for the Munster High School Esports team for three and a half years. Mike knew how popular Esports gaming was becoming and realized that there were no Esports gaming centers in the Northwest Indiana area. So, he decided to open Region Gaming Esports Center, which is the first public esports center in the Northwest Indiana and surrounding area!


Mike doesn’t want the center to be just a place to game but he also wants it to become a place for people who are interested in gaming to hang out and also meet others with similar interests. Region Gaming has retro games available to play and will soon be getting board games for their center as well. When asked his favorite part about his business he said, “it was the space itself.” Mike wanted to make sure that it was big and open so that people who enjoy watching people game had the room to do so without feeling cramped.


The design of the center was created with a home-like feel to it, providing a safe space for gamers. Mike says,“If you’re curious about it then come in and check it out.” You can take a tour of the center and ask them any questions you have about it.

Region gaming eSports




275 Joliet St. Suite 130  Dyer, Indiana   219-401-6700