Can a song prevent the spread of Coronavirus? See for yourself …

As knowledge of a new coronavirus, originating in China, began to spread one of China’s neighbors was quick to take action to protect its population. Vietnam swiftly put aggressive measures in place to lockdown, identify, and quarantine cases. The Vietnamese Ministry of Health also did something unusual. They embraced the power of music and a catchy tune to easily and painlessly educate the public about the recommended behaviors to improve safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19. They produced an animated music video that mimicked the style of popular K-Pop and J-Pop artists like BTS, EXO, Girls’ Generation, and others. And the results appear to be quite impressive.

Video #1 is an official version of the Vietnamese video recreated in English.

Video #2 is the original video that was produced by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health in Vietnamese.

Video #3 is a Dance Craze inspired by the song in Vietnam when a pop star created easy dance moves to further engage with the important health messages in the song.

Video #4 is the video produced by the CDC to educate Americans. After comparing Videos 1, 2, and 3 to the CDC video it’s no surprise that as of today, Vietnam has ZERO reported deaths from COVID-19 while the U.S. has over 48,000 deaths. Even if Vietnam is inaccurate that there have been zero cases, they clearly have been more successful in containment and prevention. See the image after Video #4.

So what do you think? Can a song prevent the spread of disease?





Video #3


Video #4



COVID-19 Reported Cases (as of 4/23/2020)














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