If you suffer from chronic headaches, this is when you should worry about the cause …

Every year, over 45 million Americans experience headaches. For many, the reasons may be easily attributed to benign causes such as lack of sleep, fatigue, coffee withdrawal, etc. However, for those that suffer from chronic headache pain, it is essential that the ongoing cause is accurately diagnosed and a treatment plan is established. Some headaches, such as migraines, can increase your risk of strokes, heart issues, and mental health challenges. And some headaches are not actually headaches but are pain that is referred from somewhere else in the body. That’s why, getting an accurate diagnosis for your head pain is essential.

In the following video presentation by Dr. Kondamuri, explains the important difference between a primary headache (such as a migraine) and secondary headaches (such a cervicogenic pain). An accurate diagnosis is necessary to determining an appropriate and effective treatment plan.

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