When should you see a Pain Specialist?

Oftentimes, when I evaluate patients, one of the first questions I ask is, “When did this problem start?” The response holds a lot of information. If a patient tells me a problem is fairly new, I am able to go down a path of questioning that may lead to treatment that is more for the early management of symptoms including, physical therapy, a trial of oral steroids, a trial of anti-inflammatories. The medications are used to stop the early stages of inflammation and allow for physical therapy to take place.

If a patient responds telling me that the pain has been present for a year or more, this leads treatment down a different pathway. Often, when patients have experienced a pain syndrome for many years, they have tried physical therapy already as well as oral medication, thus for this group interventional treatment might be the first treatment offered as opposed to if the problem was new. All patient situations are unique, as are all patients’ treatment plans, but it is important to understand that the important question of “when did this problem start” can help guide treatment.

At M.I.S.S. we are happy to accept referrals to treat both new and old pain syndromes. We also accept new patients without referrals. This helps to avoid delays in providing the appropriate care. Regardless of how an appointment is made, we are here to help lead patients from “when did this problem start” to “when did this problem end?”

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Charonn D. Woods, M.D.