Is Your Pain Coming from the Sacroiliac Joint?

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Over the last 6 months roughly 60% of the United States adult population experienced pain from any cause. Forty percent of those in pain report this pain coming from the low back. The low back is a common area of significant pain that can become a chronic issue. One often-overlooked area of low back pain can [...]

Getting Help for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Fear from COVID-19 …

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Getting Help for COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Fear ... COVID-19 has disrupted our lives, our health, our economy, and our world in so many ways.  So, it is no surprise that with this coronavirus, there has been a significant increase in people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and fear. And for anyone already battling these [...]

Dr. Shaun Kondamuri – Today on WJOB – Discusses Treatments for Chronic Pain and Work Injuries

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Dr. Shaun Kondamuri - Today on WJOB - Discusses Treatments for Chronic Pain and Work Injuries ... Today on WJOB Radio, Dr. Shaun Kondamuri, Interventional Spine and Pain Management Specialist in Northwest Indiana, discussed neck pain from work Injuries, how to get exercise while staying at home, radio-frequency ablations, and how to work through the emotional [...]

A Message to Our Patients from Our Medical Director

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A Message to Our Patients from Our Medical Director ... Patient and staff safety is a top priority at Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists. We are also keenly aware that for patients who are struggling with severe chronic pain, the services we provide are truly essential. Still, this is a challenging time for patients and practitioners. As [...]

Pain from Accident-Related Injuries

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Pain from Accident-Related Injuries Sometimes pain is caused by trauma or injury as a result of an accident. If pain persists after an injury, it should be evaluated to address any underlying conditions. If you suffer from pain, you know how hard it can be to live with. Pain management is a branch of medical care [...]

What is Chronic Pain?

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What is Chronic Pain? Chronic pain often develops gradually. It can be mild, moderate, or severe pain that worsens over time. Chronic pain persists (constantly or intermittently) for longer than 3 months and can last for years. With chronic pain, the underlying cause may not be clear or easily identifiable, making diagnosis and treatment more challenging. [...]

Spinal Cord Stimulator Patient Review – Nevro HF10

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If you are STRUGGLING with CHRONIC PAIN, then it is important to get an expert and accurate diagnosis and treatment plan for pain relief.  Once we have an accurate diagnosis, we will recommend the best solution to treat your specific pain condition. Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists (M.I.S.S.) in Northwest Indiana is a leader in neuromodulation or [...]

Dr. Shaun Kondamuri Speaks About the Opioid Epidemic with Nurse Practitioner Students at IU Northwest

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Dr. Shaun Kondamuri, the director of Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists, was invited to speak at the Indiana University School of Nursing to the Nurse Practitioner class on February 12, 2019. He spoke to the NP students on “Managing your Patients' Chronic Pain in the Midst of the Opioid Epidemic.” The students enjoyed the 3-hour presentation and [...]

Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists Voted a Times “Best of the Region” for the 7th time!

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MISS Voted one of the Best for the 7th time! We are happy to announce that for the 7th time, Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists (M.I.S.S.) has been voted as one of the best in the region, in the Times' annual voting event. Over the last 7 years, we have been acknowledged as a one [...]

Free Health Talk – The Newest Technology to Fight Pain

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Join Us for a FREE Health Talk The Newest Technology to Fight Pain If you or a loved one are experiencing chronic pain but are fearful of the available treatment options, then please join us for this free health talk. Dr. Shaun Kondamuri will be discussing the newest technology available to fight chronic pain and pain from [...]

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