What Jobs Have the Most Work injuries? …

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What Jobs Have the Most Work injuries? There are many jobs that seem inherently dangerous such as law enforcement, construction, and manufacturing. So, reviewing the careers that involve significant work injuries can be a bit surprising. Your job may actually be more dangerous than you realize. You might even be surprised by some of the most [...]

Radio Event – February 15th. – Dr. Dasari – Pain Specialist – Guest on WJOB

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On February 15th., Dr. Satish Dasari will be a guest expert on WJOB. At 9:00 am, Dr. Dasari will talk about the latest advancements in the battle against pain on Rudy Velasco's program, The Waiting Room. Be sure to tune in on Thursday at 9:00 am on WJOB 1230 AM or 104.7 FM.

7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Chronic Pain

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Over 25 million people in the U.S. suffer from chronic pain and over 100 million Americans are living with a chronic illness that undoubtedly involves some degree of pain. Although we have helped thousands of patients to determine the causes and most effective treatments to reduce their chronic pain, we are committed to helping patients realize [...]

How Easy Chair Yoga Can Reduce Your Back Pain

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Have you ever considered Yoga as an easy way to relieve some of the back pain caused by aging? When many people think of Yoga, their first thought is that it requires youthful fitness and flexibility. In fact, most seniors do not even realize that Yoga can be easy to do even while sitting in a [...]

Pain Specialists in Chesterton, Indiana

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Are you looking for a Pain Specialist in Chesterton, Indiana? Downtown Chesterton, Indiana Residents of Chesterton, Indiana and the surrounding neighborhoods have access to Board Certified Pain Specialists, right here in town. For over 20 years, Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists (M.I.S.S.) has been serving patients throughout Northwest Indiana. However, if you live in Chesterton, [...]

INJURED at WORK – What Indiana and Illinois Workers Should Know About Workers’ Compensation

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Every year, over 4 million people suffer from a work-related injury or occupational illness. At least half of those injured experience an injury serious enough to miss work and to require extended medical treatment. Sadly, over 1,000 of these injuries result in death. Most employees, despite knowing they are covered by workers’ compensation insurance, know very [...]

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