We Offer Leading-Edge Treatment Options for Successful Relief

Our board certified, fellowship-trained experts offer a wide range of minimally invasive techniques to dramatically relieve your pain. We avoid relying on the same procedures and treatment for all patients with similar pain. Instead, we continually seek leading-edge treatment options, so we may offer the most appropriate and least invasive interventions possible.

In fact, for more than a decade, M.I.S.S. specialists have been FIRST to deliver proven effective treatment innovations for spinal pain and other conditions to patients throughout Northwestern Indiana and Chicagoland. These firsts include:

  • FIRST implantation of a Synergy Spinal Cord Stimulator to treat sciatica pain and failed back surgery syndrome
  • FIRST implantation of an Occipital Peripheral Nerve Stimulator to relieve severe migraine pain
  • FIRST Neucleoplasty Coblation Technology to treat disc herniation decompression
  • FIRST LASE Percutaneous Laser Disectomy for disc herniation decompression
  • FIRST vertebroplasty for spinal compression fractures
  • FIRST Disc Herniation Decompression using the Dekompressor device
  • FIRST Decompression Catheter procedure for treatment of disc annular tears
  • FIRST Spinal Endoscopy for removal of scar tissue

M.I.S.S. is proud to have been among the FIRST to provide these and other leading-edge treatment options, which are now the standard of care for minimally invasive pain management around the country.