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News Release – Northwest Indiana – Advancements in Medicine –

– Dr. Shaun Kondamuri to Use Boston Scientific’s Most Advanced Spinal Cord Stimulator Leads

Opioid use skyrocketing in NWI  NWI Times

Breakthroughs in back pain  NWI Times

Best of the Region  NWI Times

Managing Pain Northwest Indiana Business Quarterly

Back in Action-Innovations in Spine Care. – NWI Times
It might be a sharp stab. It might be a dull ache. But sooner or later, eight out of 10 of us will have back pain.
Innovations in spine treatment begin with tools for diagnosing back problems. “Often finding the exact source of the pain can be very difficult,” said Dr. Shaun Kondamuri, an interventional spine specialist and director of Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists.

Getting to the bottom of back pain. – Vigor Magazine
Exploring you options: surgery, pain management or therapeutic approach.
If you’ve ever hurt your back from lifting incorrectly, poor posture, a sports or work injury or have degenerative disc desease, you know it causes debilitating pain that sidetracks your life. but did you know that there are new approaches?

A Painful Reality. – Vigor Magazine
Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? Good News: Relief is in Sight.
When Hebron resident Kathy Lambert broke her wrist two years ago, she had no idea it would be the catalyst for a condition with pain so severe it would actually bring about thoughts of suicide.

Good news for people with Trigeminal Neuralgia
Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists is the first center to use new spinal cord stimulator for trigeminal neuralgia in Northwest Indiana.
Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists (M.I.S.S.) along with Boston Scientific Neuromodulation has been the first center to take part in a 16 contact Infinion Lead spinal cord stimulator for trigeminal neuralgia.

Published Articles & Lectures

Dr. Kondamuri presented in Berhampur, India at MKCG Medical School during grand rounds on current advances in Pain Management. (July 2017)

Identification of the epidural space: Is loss of resistance to air a safe technique?:: A review of the complications related to the use of airLR Saberski, S Kondamuri… – Regional Anesthesia and Pain …, 1997

Background and Objectives. The major determinant of successful epidural anesthesia is the localization of the epidural space. The manual loss of resistance technique is widely used by anesthesiologists in identifying the epidural space. Should air or saline be used in …

Causalgia, RSD, and Sympathetically Maintained Pain: A Retrospective Study of Diagnosis in the Clinic
SettingM Thimineur, S Kondamuri, E Kravitz… – … Anesthesia and Pain …, 1995 –

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