Peyton Manning by Ian Ransley

An injury can easily end the career of a professional athlete. When a college scholarship, Olympic Medal, World Series, or Super Bowl is on the line, athletes need access to the most advanced and effective treatments for pain and injuries. They need to heal their injuries as quickly and completely as possible so they can get back in the game. The “secret weapon” that several professional athletes, (including Peyton, Tiger, and Koji) have turned to, is Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative Medicine uses your body’s own natural and organic healing process to boost the repair of damaged or deteriorated tissue. Our blood naturally contains healing factors, such as white blood cells and growth factors that are vital to tissue regeneration and repair. When these healing components are isolated in a sample of your blood, they can then (in concentrated form with about 7x your body’s normal amount of healing factors) be injected back into areas of your body where needed, to repair and renew damaged tissue. This healing process also reduces pain associated with injuries and deterioration.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is a type of Regenerative Medicine treatment. PRP uses the healing components in your own blood cells to accelerate the healing process. PRP treatment can provide faster and more complete healing using your body’s own natural healing factors.

Koji Uehara – Image by Keith Allison

In July of 2016, Koji Uehara, (then with the Boston Red Sox), had PRP treatment for a pectoral injury. For a Major League pitcher, any injury that hinders your throwing skills can be a career ender. Koji’s injury healed and his career is thriving. In December of 2016, he signed a $6MM deal with the World Champion Chicago Cubs. In 2011, Peyton Manning still suffered from a painful bulging disk, despite two neck surgeries. He then turned to Regenerative Medicine. In 2010, when Tiger was preparing to get back on the PGA Tour, he received PRP treatments. In 2012, Kobe Bryant also chose PRP to treat arthritis in his knee. But these are just some of the professional athletes who have looked to cutting-edge medicine to heal faster and better to revive or save their career.

Tiger Woods – Image by Paddy Briggs

However, you don’t have to be a professional athlete or Hollywood elite to have access to Regenerative Medicine. For over 20 years, Midwest Interventional Spine Specialists (M.I.S.S.) has been dedicated to serving the Northwest Indiana community with the most progressive and minimally invasive treatments for pain. Through our Regenerative Medicine division – Midwest Regenerative Medicine Associates – Our Board Certified Physicians can now provide this cutting-edge treatment to the Northwest Indiana Community and neighboring Illinois communities.

If you have questions about Regenerative Medicine, the conditions it can treat, and how to determine if PRP can help you, you can get answers on the Midwest Regenerative Medicine Associates website or by calling MRMA at (219) 836-6257. Please review our website disclaimer.